High lumen 150lm/W led lighting products

bigoga lighting is the lighting industry experts on LED products, we attent to the production of high lumen LED lightings, never-ending pursuit of science and technology.

150Lm/W, right, you didn't heard wrong! Bigoga lighting not only develop new products but also continuously improve the efficiency of light. Now, we can supply the 150lm/w LED lamp fittings! Industry few! What we talk 150lm light effeciency is not refers to the light effect of the LED chip, the light effeciency of LED chip pass 150lm/W is not hard, what we talk is the light efficiency after complete goods, it's hard to achieve 150lm/W after assembly, but we are doing now is the whole lamp fittings, in the lighting industry 150lm/W for complete goods is very difficult to do, but Bigoga Lighting Co., Ltd can do! The light efficiency 150lm/w for complete products! This is a stunning number, when other companies still provide 80lm/w or 100lm/w lamps, we have been able to provide 150lm/w of the lamps and lanterns.

We took the LED 80W street lights to detect, the result is 149.53lm/W, power factor 0.9659, color index 84.6Ra.

The following is the results of the detection from China National Semiconductor Optoelectroni Product Testing Key Lab:
Voltage: 220.0V
Current: 0.3710A
Power: 78.85W
Power factor: 0.9659
Flux: 11791.4Lm
Light effect: 149.53lm/W
Color temperature: 3885K
Color coordinates: y=0.3856 x=0.3873

Color rendering index: 84.6

Bigoga lighting company also can do 150lm/W LED floodlight, LED high bay lights, LED gas station canopy lights and others.

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