Analysis of five changes of LED industry in 2016 (2)

Old   --> New
After 2016, some LED size has gradually become the past tense. According to the investigation, many past mainstream LED package size has gradually fade out of sight, including 5050, 5630, 3014, most enterprises stopped the production gradually, and more enterprises are massive produce 2835 and 3030 mainstream products and some new CSP, small spacing 1010 and 0808 products.
Speaking the change of products this year, 2016 MicroLED is necessary to point, although  China mainland enterprises invest less, but the layout of Taiwan companies is big, almost all companies are in the layout of MicroLED. Of course, MicroLED is the technology of the future, from now to see, the impact to the LED lighting products and display is almost negligible, but to the technology itself and the long-term investment of the LED enterprises, is a very good direction.

Tradition   --> intelligence
In 2016, the changes in LED lighting supply company is also very obvious, from the international market enterprises to see, PHILPS lighting independent IPO, clearly the future direction of smart Internet, OSRAM sells traditional business, merged intelligent lighting and digital lighting business, and GE stoped the business in Asia and concentrate on the development of intelligent lighting market, OPPLE lighting develop smart home with HUAWEI, NVC signed with the Chinese Academy of cloud computing center to promote smart lighting cooperation.
In addition to these leaders, more and more Chinesse lighting enterprises layout intelligent lighting field, which also shows the trend of LED lighting started the transition of rigid demand to the individual needs, the future developing direction will be in favor of intelligent light.
In addition to the intelligent lighting, and LED manufacturing enterprises also change the intelligent production line, like Forest Lighting, Hongli and other big enterprises are accelerating the production line of intelligent equipment, the LED equipment companies are accelerating the optimization and upgrading of intelligent equipment.

After knows these changes, what's your viewpoints of the LED industry in 2017?


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