Analysis of five changes of LED industry in 2016 (1)

After The New Year's Day, 2016 is finished. Now is the moment of annual memories the past, the future development, looking back over the past year, found that the change of LED in 2016 is very large. In order to get a better understanding of where changed, bigoga lighting made a year-end report for the LED industry for reference.

Fall price  --> Rise price
In the past five years in LED industry, we only know LED prices only fall but never rise, the 2016 change of price many LED people unexpected. At the end of 2015, many companies said the price will still fall, no one thought it would rise. This reversal because it is completely beyond everyone's imagination, and become the most concerned about the LED industry in 2016, of course, this is the biggest change in these years LED.
Of course, the price here said is not the LED industry recovery, or more exaggerated the last radiance of the setting sun. In fact, the price is a comprehensive factor. First of all, the market reshuffle and industry concentration increased, large enterprises began to control the decision-making power, and small companies have no right to speak only follow the trend; second, the price of raw materials has gone up.

LED  --> LED + X
The change is not only in 2016, from the beginning of the year in 2015. But in 2016 it became more apparent. From the LED industry as a whole to see, the chip enterises extend to the semiconductor integrated circuit, midstream packaging expand to the segment markets.

General market   --> Segments
In 2016, except the CSP being sought, most LED lighting company are in the deep blue ocean market segments with high margin. In addition to Samsung mobile phone iris recognition technology to promote the IR LED, as well as the United States to promote the legalization of recreational marijuana plant lighting, of course, UV LED and car LED.
When the general lighting Red Sea become stable, competition also more rational, competition from the past no bottom line price war fighting, to rely on management mode and scale. To ensure that the original market share, the competition for the market is not wise, instead of expanding the emerging blue ocean market has become the main theme of the enterprise.


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